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LEC Brunei

The LEC Brunei is the flagship lightbar from LEC.

Lightbars are the most flexible and most popular of the LEC products.

A huge array of functions include decorative applications, enhancing public art or the lightbars being the art themselves when controlled in interesting and evocative ways. They alternatively can be used as markers for pedestrian guidance, embedded within handrails, used for wall washing, boundary definition, and safety indicators such as on platform edges.

The use of the Brunei as a marker light is often a simple necessity to attract the attention of all road users, pedestrians and cyclists. As such, the Brunei can be used to indicate the existence of obstacles, provide emergency lighting and guidance in a car park or tunnel.

Markers provide a timeless aesthetic signature which articulates the identity of the client, architect, the lighting designer or the place itself. With the use of the LEC Brunei as markers you can communicate your visual signature without compromising functional security.

The Brunei can also be used as a mast light, or configured specifically for immersible usage.

Mast lights are usually utilised for a decorative purpose. Embedded into, or on top of, columns to provide feature lighting, their application can also be translated to pedestrian guidance when embedded into bollards.

Immersible fixtures are suitable for fountain and water feature installations, as well as waters edge and other moisture susceptible areas. They enhance the character of static and flowing water, enhancing fountains, art and other such specialist installations.

Lighting Options:

  • 20, 40, 60, 80, 120 or 165x 5mm LEDs per metre
  • 60 or 120x Superwatt LEDs per metre
  • 70x Aracolor Trichromic RGB LEDs per metre
  • 3 modules (R, G, B) of 48x 5mm LEDs per metre

Beam Options:

  • Perpendicular beam
  • Inclined beam (D20)

Window Options:

  • Flat transparent window
  • Flat frosted window
  • Flat homogenous window (product 5623)
  • Beam with various openings

Note: The selection of products shown is not exhaustive and changes regularly with organic product evolution as technology continually improves. Please speak to Woodhouse to ensure information is correct and all additional items, such as cabling, transformers and housings suit your specific project application.

Product Options:

Product code PR00287-5620
Name Brunei
IP Rating IP68
Beam Characteristics Beam with various openings
Beam Direction Options Perpendicular , Inclined (D20)
Construction Material(s) (Options) Anodised glazed aluminium, 316L Grade Stainless Steel
Dimmable (With 24V) Yes
Fire Proofing Flame & Ignition proof materials (EC4)
Impact Resistance 60 Joules (IK10)
LEC Product Number 5620
LED Options 20, 40, 60, 80, 120 or 165x 5mm LEDs per metre, 60 or 120x Superwatt LEDs per metre, 70x Aracolor Trichromic RGB LEDs per metre, 3 modules (R, G, B) of 48x 5mm LEDs per metre
Power Supply 24V Class 3
Specific Application Suitability Suitable for marking roundabouts and directional islands
Vandal Proofing Vandal proof organic glass
Vehicular Resistance (Various Options = Model Dependant) Withstands occasional all vehicle traffic
Window Options Flat transparent , Flat frosted , Flat homogenous (product 5623)